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Clear Username Program

All-Inclusive Computer Services provides the Clear Username software program that is perfect for Network Administrators, Desktop Support, and Help Desk Technicians. This program can be installed individually, or as part of a corporate image.

This program is perfect for Support Technicians after logging into an End-User or Client's computer using Administrative Rights! As a Support Technician, my login was ALWAYS getting locked out because the End-User didn't notice that it was my login name on their system after I worked on it! That's why I came up with this little gem!

After the Support Technician has logged-in to the computer, his login name remains unless it is changed by the End-User. Once the Clear Username program is deployed to the computer, the Support Technician just runs this program to reset the login name to the next user BEFORE they log off!


This program works on Windows 2000 and above (including Windows 10)!

Your choices are:

  • Leave Blank (if you're unsure of the next user's login name)
  • Set the next user's login name
  • Select an existing profile name
  • Exit without changing the login name
  • Below are some screen-shots showing what the program looks like. There are portions of the program that are clear (transparent), but the important areas have a white background so you can see them better.

    Clear Username Screenshot  Clear Username Screenshot2

    *This program requires administrative rights.

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